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The only log collection platform that combines all log shipping needs in one place, replacing shippers, aggregators and stream buses with a single reliable and scalable collection architecture

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Improved Performance

Letting Trink’s passive collection technology handle your collection is the best performing way to ensure your data integrity and continuity. All heavy computational needs are done outside of your production, significantly reducing the use of resources and leaving you with better performance and lower costs.

Plug-and-play Integrations

Trink takes care of the cumbersome integration and configuration process, featuring a faster than ever setup process that takes minutes instead of hours. Your team can now try new tools and build the best logging architecture for your needs with ease.

Regained Agility

Log architecture can no longer be an afterthought, and with Trink’s vendor-agnostic platform, your team can finally tackle the irreversible costly vendor lock-in. Trink enables you to choose the right mixture of traffic and destinations without being bound to past decisions and inherited commitments.

Taking care of the entire log collection scope for you

From any source to any destination

Trink offers a fully managed platform delivered on-prem and as a SaaS that combines all operational data collection needs in one place.

Choose your sources

Start shipping in minutes from all common sources with Trink's easier than ever deployment.

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Control your stream

Trink's dashboard enables you to decide and act in real-time based on the complete picture.

Enable Stream
Set Format
Select Time Stamp
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Route your data

Choose where you want to route your data with a click of a button using Trink's vendor-agnostic solution.

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