All Aboard! First Version of Trink Now Avilable

Introducing our new onboarding, deployment, added sources and destinations, and much more!

Ella Levinson

April 20, 2020

As companies' production grow, their operational data collection becomes more of a burden rather than a reliable source of opportunities, causing an impact on the performance, cost, and overall limiting their scalability.

Trink centralized the entire log collection pipeline to a fully managed platform that answers all log collection needs in one. We are proud to present the first available version of Trink, that offers an end-to-end solution for your operational data necessities -

Log Collection

Instead of writing logs into local storage and then an agent reads it, parse it, filter it and ship it, with Trink you just need to write the logs and the platform reads them passively outside of your production.

New On-boarding and Registration

Let’s start from the top. The first thing you’ll notice is our new and polished onboarding for new users.
New users can register within a few moments to Trink and start using it immediately for free.

Trink Onboarding
Trink Onboarding

Easy Deployment

In order to deploy Trink, all you have to do is run one of our supplied commands in order to mount Trink's drive on your nodes. Once mounted, Trink is in action—collecting and processing all of your data. Trink's mount point acts as a "black hole" where any of your services can dump their data right away and it will arrive at its destination.

New Source and Destination Alert

Trink's goal is to integrate to all sources and destinations available, we already started with EC2, K8s and, Coralogix, and others (such as, S3, Cloudwatch, Sematext, and more) will be available pretty soon down the road. Instead of switching from one tool to another, you can manage them all with a few simple clicks in our Dashboard. Pretty nifty, right?

In the following versions, you’ll see more sources and destinations you love to become accessible through Trink.

As mentioned prior, in this Version, we support -

Source: EC2

Trink supports EC2 with a seamless plug and play deployment.

Source: Kubernetes

Start collecting in minutes from Kubernetes with an easier than ever deployment.

Destination: Coralogix

Coralogix can now instantly ingest log data from Trink and provide further guidance to your team to ensure a smooth and future-proof process of integration.

You can discover unique types of data streams and create the highest value for your business' needs. saving you time and trouble, without having to cherry-pick every source individually.


Unlike other data collection solutions, where an agent has to be run on the node where data is being generated and delivered, Trink's mount point guarantees that no agent is running on your nodes. That way, there are no severe threats to your applications' overall performance and data.

AWS Native Support

At the moment we have AWS native support, but stay tuned for added cloud providers in the future.

General Updates and Improvements

  • added log-out button
  • added dashboard Grafana (editor's note: it was removed)
  • added a local Elasticsearch
  • for each log from EC2, we enriched it with a source host name

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in our following release notes!A

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