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Introducing Trink's discovery map, S3 integration, Kubernetes enrichment and more

Ella Levinson

July 31, 2020

Trink is constantly changing and evolving, making your experience as frictionless as possible. Here are all the latest features we added to Trink -

Discovery Map

Introducing Trink's Discovery Map - your one-stop-shop to all your logging needs. The things you'll discover on the discovery map:

  • Pipeline visibility
  • Add sources
  • Add destinations
  • Number of files processed
  • Number of errors
  • Data input and output rateNew Destination Alert

Trink's Discovery Map
Trink's Discovery Map

New Destination Alert

Our goal is to integrate with all sources and destinations available. We already integrate into EC2, Kubernetes, Cloudwatch, Coralogix, and, and we have more coming in the near future.

In the following versions, you’ll see even more sources and destinations you love to become accessible through Trink.

Destination: S3

Now you can use Trink to seamlessly send your data to an S3 bucket.

Kubernetes Enrichment

With more engineering teams adopting Kubernetes as their container orchestration platform, we decided to add Kubernetes enrichment to your logs, that will give you a more holistic view of your deployment.

Forget the past

Don't want to burden your log collection experience with old logs? we've got you covered, we recently added the option to ignore old logs as part of the onboarding process.

General Updates and Improvements

  • added parsing abilities by type syslog and agentx
  • removed Grafana
  • added enable disable by specific file log group

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates to see what's coming next at Trink!

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