Adding a Destination

Once you are in the discovery map, click on the (+) sign on the right of the screen to add a destination of your choice.

adding a destination on trink's discovery map

The steps of adding a destination may vary, depending on the type of the destination, but they all take a few moments to complete.

At first, choose the destination you'd like to add from the available options. Then, you'll have to fill in the required details for each destination.

trink choose a destination

Please read the following explanations for the destination of your choice to see the specifications for its adding:


trink coralogix destination

For adding Coralogix as a destination, you'll have to fill:

  • API Key
  • Company ID
  • Application Name
  • Subsystem Name

trink destination

For adding as a destination you'll need to fill:

  • endpoint (region)
  • Token


trink s3 destination

For adding S3 as a destination you'll need to fill:

  • Bucket name
  • Region


trink datadog destination

For adding Datadog as your destination, you'll need to fill the API key that can be found under "integration" on your Datadog account.

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